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Teaching Artist


Adina serves as Director of the Vocal and Performance major at the Music College at the Ono Academic College in Israel.


She teaches courses in song presentation, movement for the stage, and an advanced level Performance course for third and fourth year majors. She is also the Artistic Director and Choreographer of the school's critically-acclaimed Musicals Ensemble.


Privately, Adina coaches singers at the professional level, as well as helping new singers find their voice.  She is often called to help singers with audition prep for stage and television, as well as entrance to music schools.  She draws on expansive repertoire, spanning opera, classical, musical theater, jazz, and contemporary styles and fuses voice-body awareness, vocal health, movement, and choreography.  Performers who study with Adina not only gain presence in their voice, but unique skills for commanding the stage and engaging an audience.


Adina's teaching philosophy is inspired by Modern Dance pioneer Doris Humphrey: “Nothing so clearly and inevitably reveals the inner man than movement and gesture. It is quite possible if one chooses to conceal and desimilate - behind words or paintings or status or other forms of human expression, but the moment you move you are revealed; for good, for evil, for what you are.”  Before one even opens their mouth to sing, we already learn so much about the person as they first step out onto the stage!

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