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On her third commercial release Songs for Two, Adina draws from her diverse musical background, choosing songs that curate the story of her life. Reflecting Adina’s journey -- through her performance career and her personal life -- Songs for Two evokes emotion and reminiscence. “Each song touches a chord from a different crossroad, stepping stone, or person that has greatly influenced my life in some way. It is an intimate exploration and interpretation of songs that are deeply embedded in my soul.”  The album is also an homage to her parents’ wedding anniversary, and dedicated to her late father, who recently passed away.


Songs for Two features Adina in duet with acclaimed pianist/arranger Ranko Rihtman.  Adina calls upon some of the most beloved ballads and easy listening favorites from Pop and Musical Theater; a choice that reflects her longtime career as a director, choreographer, and performer.  


Adina also has a children’s album in the works, and recently accepted a promotion to Director of the Performance and Creativity Major at Hed Music College at Ono Academic College in Tel Aviv/Kiryat Ono.


Songs for Two is available on major online retail outlets worldwide. 


Formats: Adult Contemporary, Pop, Musical Theater Easy Listening, Vocal Jazz


The making of this album was a remarkable journey for Adina; with twists and turns, triumph and transformation.  

So much transpired along the way, and every step (and even the stumbles) were essential.


Adina reached back into her personal past to make friends with the girl inside of her -

who continues to be her guide and friend...


JUST A GIRL who illuminates Adina's path and hopes to inspire yours as well. 

just a gitl.jpg

It is not often that one has the honor of heralding the arrival of a new musical sensation whose singing captivates your heart and soul while dazzling your sensibilities.


It is not often that a voice succeeds in creating an intimate bond between singer and stranger. 

It is not often that one finds oneself transported by a power of a single song.

Introducing the masterful debut album of a artistic talent whose time has come:

Here You Are, featuring Adina Feldman.

Here You Are is the thrilling, unforgettable debut performance of a singer/songwriter of tremendous verve, virtuosity and versatility. The culmination of Adina Feldman’s journey across continents, cultures and careers, Here You Are introduces the world to a singer/songwriter whose music transcends borders and boundaries.


Adina Feldman’s music reveals a woman at the height of her artistic powers, partaking of life in all of its joy and heartbreak. Her songs stem from a penchant for savoring the sweetness of life’s little moments of sheer perfection while acknowledging the inevitability of loss, betrayal and tragedy. 


Wise and warm, tender and tough, Adina Feldman’s music will speak directly to you. Invite her into your home and into your heart.

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